Real life dissing

i can confirm i know someone who is not a DiSer you uses it. it must be a twitter thing too as he is never off twitter.

I have started using it irl and keep finishing sentences with ‘meh-nine’ at the end, much to the bafflement of my wife.

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unless he’s a secret DiSer. shit.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh m8, m7, m9 are all over the Brinternet (British Internet) and have been fore ages, m8 (


feel i should hate this but i actually love




Doesn’t look UNlike me tbf

Is Mike Mills a DiS-er?

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Oh they’re absolute shit. When a 58 year old man is doing them they’re even more embarrassing.

not thaaaat long ago that ‘mum jokes’ were really in vogue round here. maybe only a year ago or so you couldn’t move for them. they were everywhere and a high percentage of the board were guilty of regularly banging them out.

ol’ ma dots really used to take a hammering

good job we’re all so well informed these days eh

I had to do this the other day but the person didnt know who danny dyer was and didnt find it funny at all. Brutal.

true enough man

Saw a guy with a Gerogerigegege t-shirt on in Utrecht. Nearly stopped him for a photo.


She still does m8!!1

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very good place, that

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i’m not even on


It is. But don’t be tempted to try the garlic beer…

:smiley: amazing

That’s ballsy, I’ve got to say :smiley: