Real life dissing



feels like this has hugely highlighted how fucking shit ‘your mum’ jokes are, right?


Oh they’re absolute shit. When a 58 year old man is doing them they’re even more embarrassing.


I know it’s not strictly a DiSism, but I regularly feel compelled to say “still freaks my nut out til this day” and realise I have to explain it to people


not thaaaat long ago that ‘mum jokes’ were really in vogue round here. maybe only a year ago or so you couldn’t move for them. they were everywhere and a high percentage of the board were guilty of regularly banging them out.

ol’ ma dots really used to take a hammering

good job we’re all so well informed these days eh


I had to do this the other day but the person didnt know who danny dyer was and didnt find it funny at all. Brutal.


fuck! I mean, at least you can show them the tweet if they know who he is. upsetting.


Well crucially we moved the boards and lost nearly all of the core proponents of the faux-lad stuff in doing so. (to be fair, nearly everyone grew up a lot, too)


true enough man


Saw a guy with a Gerogerigegege t-shirt on in Utrecht. Nearly stopped him for a photo.


She still does m8!!1




very good place, that


i’m not even on

Shop names / puns that don't work (rolling)

It is. But don’t be tempted to try the garlic beer…


:smiley: amazing


That’s ballsy, I’ve got to say :smiley:


Local pub getting all @Antpocalypsenow about things




For the FAO of @TheWza