Real life dissing



It’s nice to be thought of :kissing_heart:


So near!


doesn’t even rhyme



I met @shrewbie today


Gonna take a walk to the nearest GRIT BIN shortly to grit the car park for our flats before it becomes an ice rink tonight.

(Yeah, yeah, I know - only for use on the public highway but #fucktheman).


Nah, mate, feel free to use it for private access. In moderation.

Source: I work for the council roads department.


When I went to the council website to see where the nearest one was it has a warning that it MUST NOT be used on private property and the bins themselves have little notices in them saying ‘For use on public roads only’.

However, as I say, Fuck The Man (and the Grit Bin Police).


Yeah, fuck em. Punk as Gri(n)t

(There at least ought to be an availability of grit/salt for collection from their depot for private use.)


@Smee doing the BBC Football League feed this afternoon


Hello, I run a foam factory.


My eldest was telling us some jokes yesterday, including this:

"Heard the one about the wedding?
“It was an emotional day: even the cake was in tears!”

I laughed.



I feel like this is chopped off the bottom of your avatar.



The overall CCB project will deliver sustainable economic growth in Glasgow and the city region. This will enable the regeneration of sites which are not suitable for development in their current state, including attracting investment that supports high value industries.

Thanks, @colon_closed_bracket - nice one!


The fact that it’s a great album just makes it even better



@discobot roll 1d18


:game_die: 10


Thanks @discobot


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