Real life dissing





Needs more capital letters


Trial, terror - Trial TERROR!









So near, so Exotic


Doesn’t even rhyme.


A bit further down the road there’s a pub called The Clive :smiley:



Good old Cowbridge Road East (The Clive is shite though)


Aha I’ve not been but it looks like a typical boozer round the Canton area! Don’t head up that way too often in fairness.


Seriously what the hell is up with the Canton pubs? They’re all absolutely terrifying.


Can’t speak for many of them but Chapter and Crafty Devil’s Cellar are great (non scary) spots plus I’ve heard good things about St Canna’s Ale House too!


A visit to a shopping mall here was very DiS friendly

@blimeycharlie @keith



This was a suggested friend on FB. Didn’t someone have this hat on their DiS avatar once? @TheWza maybe?


FFS I thought I had double-checked I had erased all of the personal information


Yeah, that’s pretty similarish to the Facebook profile pic I’ve had for years. May well have used it on old DiS, too. :rainbow:


A hard, raw Moker. Is there any other kind?