Real life dissing



Dis’s favourite motorway service station have expanded their farm shop range to Laos.


My daughter’s collecting these doodads, and she was chuffed to find the rarest of all:


The OGB’s wheels.



We have a new client with the acronym TST and my ears prick up every time they’re mentioned.


@sugarbarley / @barleysugar




@stickboy surely?


If you want, but…



“so, where are we with TST this week? Any progress?”
J_I *adjusts imaginary glasses* “Actually, it’s the TST”




following on from my earlier post about ‘The TST’ being mentioned several times in a work presentation, i’ve since discovered my new manager until recently worked in The TST.

still not entirely sure what it means. sounds secret.


Fittingly it’s even an anagram of @imaperv.




A cheeky reference to Theo’s daughter in there too.


Have been meaning to do this for ages. There’s an old lever arch folder in our stationery cupboard with this on it (have blurred out details on the folders either side)

So this afternoon, I made a small additional note.


emails from jack’s flight club always get a smirk



I really thought JFC was a well known phrase rather than a DiS phrase. I found out it wasn’t when at work they were getting someone a posh leather notebook as a gift and her initials were JFC and I was like lol jesus fucking christ and everyone was like what



Needs to be full tbf


Yesterday made @Antpocalypsenow’s signiture beans near toast