Real life dissing



Looks beautiful that, mate. Lovely job.


my gift to the world (I think). Hope it’s on my gravestone.


Modest man over here. Thinks he’s Jesus fucking Christ


now no one says wES anymore and the art of JAGging is dying out, I’ve gotta cling on to something. The ‘I’m an Office Worker!’ royalties are barely keeping me afloat, and my Games Workshop interview did NOT go well.


There’s still some dedicated JAGers out there, but they lack the artistry of their early brethren


think it peaked with that shower hook salesman resurrecting a three year old thread to jag his/her wares.


Wonder if The Peppermint Apes are still churning out excellent indie


Mate, Flood’s diary has never been as jam packed!


No way is this not a thing! I’ve been saying it for years and nobody has said anything?! Oh no…


Well I for one cannot wait to hear the results.


hold on, what?

is this really mostly a DiS thing? because I use this in non-DiS internetting and in texts/messaging alllll the time.


Can’t believe warny is taking credit for it. Astonishing cojones.


Did you know he also invented the question mark


Lovely touch not to put a question mark at the end there.


He’s earned enough in royalties already :roll_eyes:


@unlucky photo for my Chromecast to stick up…



A friend said me on Saturday: “Cyber Monday, so stupid, doesn’t even rhyme”.


I’ve always thought that. Why couldn’t it have taken a leaf out of Black Friday’s book?