Real life dissing



Got this sponsored post on instagram the other day, very on brand @meowington


Will you please reply to my DM?


Just got really panicked that I hadn’t seen something from you!
I’d never ignore you ma0sm, you know that


Whoever has me in Secret Santa, I would welcome that cat bed.


Doesn’t even rhyme!


I’m a bit upset I had to find out this way. Who is going to do a eulogy?


Was a car parked next to me at work yesterday, number plate ended with ‘FOM’




Take a break, take a Wileykit-kat


Promoted tweet from someone called Theo trying to sell me a robot (I guess?!?)


Doesn’t even rhyme



Username post etc


At the book exchange in Bedford train station


at work recently i looked across a room and saw that someone had written RONSEAL on a board, made me think of DiS


Just received a CV at work, this bit caught my eye




Spotted on my travels