Real life dissing



Genuine snort at this




In an excellent display of bants, this is just down the road from Tony and Theo’s


Where is Shabs I?


On the other side of town, a fact I only found out just now. Also of note (not really DiS related but funny) - there is a shopfront to the right that just says Standard on it. That is the rather brilliantly named Standard Balti. (In fact, it’s little over-street sign says Standard Indian Takeaway, which is even better)




If you have a sweet tooth, may I recommend @xylo




Brentford. He’s the manager of Kurupt FM, isn’t it mate?



Ffs why isn’t this embedding?



Cheers la.


Total misuse of my username to sell expensive liquid smell, pfft.

Nobody asked, but I got it from here btw:


Look what you’ve all gone and done to my targeted ads


the ‘flashing white light’ lyric in keep yourself warm always makes me think of you/your username, even though i know that’s not where it’s from




The 007


Not the greatest redaction I’ve ever seen.


Alright, mate. Calm down. No need to overredact.


My dad’s car