Real life dissing

i used the word beeves in a text to my bf the other day and got no reaction. is this actually a normal word or is he just used to me saying weird things that he doesn’t understand?

I never heard anyone use it before I joined DiS

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Things you’ve been slow to realise #12,548:

When it said “Head Of Beeves” I thought it meant old Travis was a proper wind-up merchant.

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The DiS meaning isn’t even on Urban Dictionary, so it’s definitely just here.

Genuine request at the gathering I’m at

Give Som my regards!


It was too dark to take a photo but 2 people at the Pantha Du Prince gig tonight turned up with their cycling helmets and all I could think of was @plasticniki on that flight



Saw this and thought, oh, that’s Dr @Epimer.


best twitter account

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This one has done me

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Reckon @laelfy should have this as her avatar

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Should probably change my avatar to one big shrug

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Should probably change my life from one big shrug