Real life dissing



woah, I think we need to impact this graph somewhat.

Use over time for: beeves


How do they know, I could say beeve as many times as I like and they wouldn’t know. up them, arseholes


i suggest you take your beeves up with them directly.


if they really do know what saying, they’ll be along here shortly


probably can’t understand you tbh


They’re editing my posts now (without a trace)?!?!?!!?


do we say when we said DiS things in IRL real life in here?

this evening:

  • told someone about Bournemouth/wigs
  • made a Father Ted reference (Fintan Stack - “I’ve had my fun, and that’s all that matters”)
  • responded to a friend earnestly saying “that’s the impression I get” with the main horn bit from that song

there was one more, but I forgot it.


[quote=“incandenza, post:129, topic:6691”]
made a Father Ted reference[/quote]

if that’s real life dising then me and my friends do a fierce amount of real life dising


yes, we can do that in here too


PhD in DIS


That’s what Lucien is currently studying for, hence his silence. Such dedication. He will return as Dr DiS.




Guys, please, this is heart-breaking


I used the phrase “great bunch of lads” when talking to a tenant the other day


you and @cowcow are probably responsible for most of the internet’s Father Ted stills, I reckon. therefore yes.


I probably use this more than any other DiSism :smile:


tbf this site has been revolutionary recently and stopped me having to make so many of my own



That man? Graham Linehan.


Just pinned up a note about who I am and what I do just next to the equivalent left by a DiSer who used to frequent the same office space.