Real life dissing




Fuzzy_Dunlop to thread


This is more of an ‘internet-ism’ though - see it all over the shop used in the same kind of way as it is here


You working in the kitchen now too?


Needs more @saps



Didn’t get a picture, a car registration plate with FAP on it


There’s some large graffiti by the canal by Haggerston overground that says SADPUNK underneath a green drawing, but I don’t have a smartphone so you will have to imagine it.


My sister mentioned Frensham Ponds at the weekend :smiley: Apparently there’s a “Fake Beach” there. I didn’t ask her if she’d seen any hot air balloons there. Chance missed.


He wouldn’t be happy with that description!


i called a corona an ‘international soft lad’ beer the other day, which was met with some bemusement


Oh I’ve found it now, my description wasn’t very accurate

The text says “sadpunks never die”


Looks like it says “alamy stock photo”




and it’s true: we never do!


I saw one the other day that was “YSC” plus some numbers.

Wasn’t sure how widely that’s used outside DiS so didn’t bother posting it in here at the time.


Were the numbers either 11 or 229?


Or even 1101010?


Someone at work used the phrase “that’s the impression that I get” again!

Oh wait, that was me. Again.


can’t take a picture without arousing suspicion of my intentions, but there’s an old computer system at work that comes up with “Not found on FAP server” when you open it