Real life dissing



Barry is back! And this time in locks for sliding doors form!


locksmith still awaiting payment.


But he does get the opportunity to upgrade from 4 locks to 6 locks next time out.


Not so much real life DiSing, as a demonstration of the impact this place can have on one’s social life:

In our apartment in Barcelona last Thursday, I was discussing with 2 former DiSers and 5 IRLs, who we were planning to see at Primavera that day. Someone mentioned wanting to see Broken Social scene, to which I swiftly remarked that I hoped they’d packed their Berocca, as Emily Haines would be performing with them. I received two ^thises, a small subthread stemming from a colon_capital_d, 4 blank faces and an offer of an effervescent vitamin C tablet.


Spotted in Barcelona


Also spotted in Barcelona! Obviously I doused myself in it befbefore getting on the plane.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Terrible Photo.


I’m not really posting much at the moment but I thought you might want to see this:


I saw someone with a Davidoff Cool Water bag the other day. Didn’t really have the balls to get a snap.


Where does the Davidoff Cool Water thing come from anyway?


someone posted a thread saying what’s your favourite aftershave and that was the most popular reply

not really funny “ha ha”


This is accurate.


Ah, okay. Probably fairly obvious if I’d thought about it.




This is St Laurence’s Church. It dates from Norman times and was one of three original parish churches in the medieval borough or Reading. However following declining congregations towards the end of the last millennium, the chuch was turning into a mission church, which it seems hasn’t been very successful, as today in a very ceremonial demolition, they’ve invited Kasabian to blow the roof right off the church.


Two for the price of one here.


^this and then some
Miles jupp used it in the intro every week in his first series of the news quiz.


I cycled past some construction company tonight, and they’re called “bam” so I thought of bammers


This cab driver has clearly had @moker in recently


i have been to Reading once and saw this church so this feels like reverse real life dissing for me