Real people's names used in lyrics and how applicable they are to people you know

You say your name is Lazlo?
I don’t think that is true
Because Yar, I know a Lazlo
And he doesn’t sound half as smart as you

I had a few jams with a band a few months back where one of the band members was called Lazlo. He ended up being the reason I left (no big deal, just didn’t see eye to eye). This bit of this song always reminds me of him, particularly how smart he thought he was…

Mambo Number 5

“A little bit of Rita’s all I need”

One of the worst characters on Corrie. Bore off Rita, have a word Lou Bega


A few years ago I worked in a big office and there was a lad called Gareth Brown.
So I told him there was a song about him and he proceeded to play it through the speakers really loudly in an office of about 100 people.

I laughed a lot.


I long to know a Gareth Brown for this very reason


When ever someone mentions trams I think of Alan Bradley.


Although I seem to remember Falco saying the song was actually about a guy called Gareth Edwards.

Just don’t make friends with him or the first line becomes a double-edged sword.