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Hi everyone.

Some of you know me from my posting on these boards. I often am a bit of a fool, but love being here and being part of this community inspired me to get involved in comedy which is something that I love and is a part of me whether I like it or not. While not everything I do is good (some may argue none of it is), there is a project I’m involved in recently which I genuinely am more proud of than anything I’ve done before. In fact, the character from the first episode is based on an alias I created to post here.

I won’t go into the details yet, but it’s music related also, and I hope some of you here may like it too. The Facebook page is below, so if you use that website, then a like from you will mean you will see what we’re up to, and help get people to see what we’ve done. If you don’t like it then that’s ok too, I just appreciate that you took the time to take a look.


Liked, and looking forward to the videos

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Hi everyone.

Unfortunately, PUP and their management team have vetoed the first episode of Real Power Talk, and as such it will not be receiving a release.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and look forward to welcoming you into our world when Dewey Rivers sits down with The Vices very, very soon.


Nigel America & Team RPT

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PUP The Band

raises hand nervously i’m not sure if PUP actually vetoed the release or if its part of the bit.

Love Nigey Americy though <3