Real problems logging in

I can’t log into DiS on my laptop at home, also can’t get in on my phone. I just get the note “unknown error”.

For some reason I can only get in on a PC at work, any advice. I may not be able to reply to this.

Have you tried clearing down the cookies?

Maybe try logging in via an incognito window to see if that changes things?

Thanks for the reply. I have cleared the cache and tried all logical things such as a private mode and a public browser modes (Safari & iPhone) and they just do not work. Strange that I can get in at work but not elsewhere. PC at work, Mac at home.

Have you tried using chrome on the mac at home?

Yes, Chrome, Opera and Safari. None work, nor on my iPhone.

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This from 2019 implies some kind of https error but I’ll be honest that I don’t really know that it can help


Yes, that looks way too complicated for me but thanks for linking all the same.

Discourse looks like DiS, might join there instead - except all of their threads are rubbish :crazy_face:

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I’ve got exactly the same problem now - can’t log in on my Mac or on my phone.

I can log in and out freely using this new account, but can’t log in using my old one - I get the same ‘unknown error’ that @midnightpunk has posted above

I still have this problem.

I can ONLY get in using the skip password thing.

Yup having the same problem too, this is the only way I can login on phone now too

@system is now the Discourse staff user on here — do you guys know anything about this issue?

I’ve also been having this issue on my iphone. Not been able to log in for days now. Windows laptop absolutely fine though

I was having this issue today but followed the link to get an email sent when you forget your password. Opened the email, followed the link in there and it took me back into the site logged in. Dunno if it’s gonna be as simple a fix as that for anyone else having issues but worked for me.

Out of curiosity, has this happened since the membership stuff was removed?

Nothing has changed so trying to understand what’s causing it

Wondering if it’s working on mobile because a DSP has blocked something to do with our code?!

Could you try creating a temporary new account to see if you get the same issue?

I can still only get in by bypassing the password via email link.

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I had this issue yesterday and today and kept getting unknown error every time I reset my password. The only way to log in now is via the email direct link so thanks to whoever added that feature :relaxed: