Real talk now, has there been a truly classic British tv show


Since Boys From The Blackstuff?


state of play?

thought the shadow line & utopia were both great too, maybe they’re a level below though


Not seen state of play. Fill me in?


Our Friends In The North


The day today


As good (as in amongst the greatest British TV ever)…

Our Friends in the North.

Not quite as good but still absolutely brilliant…

Red Riding.
State of Play.
Between the Lines.
This Life.
The Crow Road.

Before/around the same time as Black Stuff and about as good…

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
Smiley’s People.


Bringing it right back up-to-date, I thought Little Boy Blue was very powerful - particularly Stephen Graham’s performance.


The original BBC House Of Cards.


some journalists covering what appears to be a standard drug related murder uncover a connection to the government. it’s very tense and quite twisty-turny, but absolutely brilliant. it got remade into a fairly decent film, but the series was way better. it’s only 5 or 6 episodes but well worth a watch


Think there’s a solid argument that Graham’s now, alongside Eddie Marsan and Peter Mullan, our greatest TV actor. They all do quite a bit of shite, but…


The Office




Literally not heard of a single one of these shows. Did any of yous used to watch Blind Date with Cilla?



Fawlty Towers


Line of Duty
The Fall



Red Riding Trilogy


Cracker is so good.



the last train