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  • You what mate?
  • Fake news pseudoscience
  • How can you have two completely different temperatures, what?!

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Alright Jesus Jones


I’ve stopped using the BBC weather site since they switched to that different provider. It’s rubbish.

Long live the met office!



Sounds like a sex doll thing to me.


Everything sounds like a sex doll thing to you.


Must be a “when all you have is a hammer” thing.


For those IGNORANT

“AccuWeather created a unified and proprietary apparent temperature system known as “The AccuWeather Exclusive RealFeel Temperature” and has used the quantity in its forecasts and observations. The formula for calculating this value incorporates the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation, and elevation on the human body, similar to the rarely used (but public domain) wet-bulb globe temperature. AccuWeather has been granted a United States patent on The RealFeel Temperature,[17] but the formula is a trade secret and has not been reviewed by other meteorological authorities. In response to AccuWeather’s “RealFeel”, The Weather Channel introduced their “FeelsLike” temperature reading.”

Secret recipe BULLSHIT!




MouthFeel, RealFeel, Whatever



came in here expecting a latex based thread and I won’t leave disappointed thanks


Oh right, thought we were just talking about windchill. Screw this.



a man could get KILLED for suggesting RealFeel just includes windchill, KILLED!


It is important to consider cloudiness.


it’s “only” -1 outside at the minute but it FEELS a lot colder than that.

is that because of Durex?


well, temp here is -1, but the RealFeel:registered: is -6
No wind, 5 degree difference?! Hows that work then?!