just realised @badmanreturns profile picture is alf and not some guy wearing a crown
still wrapping my head around it
realised anything about a diser lately?


just realised there’s a thread called ‘things you have been slow to realise’


this one’s better though


for a long time thought @almal100’s avi was of a duck’s face before I realised it was a seal man wearing dungarees


looks a bit like philippe from achewood


Have just noticed @shrewbie monkey has now got a drink aww


Always think this


took me years to clock that those two guys on here are brothers

actually cant even remember who they are now that I’m saying this

basically someone on here is someone else on here’s brother


smee & meths


@colinzealuk and @he_2?






is the joke that they’re both actually called smee or something?


Their last name is Smee. There’s also a third younger Smee brother who never posted on here.


so smee’s real name is Smee Smee?


That elthamsmateowen was … eltham’s mate Owen :man_facepalming:


buddy, have I got exciting news for you about owensmaterob


Meths is D** Smee if I remember rightly. Smee is J** Smee


I thought it was some Dark Souls character for the longest time. still see it as one.


Dee and Jan Smee, that is correct