Realistic Non-Personal Hopes for 2022

I hope bts get to tour next year and I non-personally hope I get to go to as many shows as I can realistically afford

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Drug legalisation and free pills for everyone on queens jubilee long bank holidays


Hope people finally realise that a five day working week is bullshit maaaaaaaaan.


Ireland accidentally legalises pills for one day again please.


We get an extra Bank Holiday at the beginning of June for some Royal anniversary/her death.

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That’s not a hope there really is an extra BH already

I hope they figure out why oranges have become so fucking pithy over the last few years and sort that out pronto. I’ve not enjoyed at satsuma since 2019 and lord knows I’ve tried

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You want to get on the clementines ffs

You know what, I will. The next time I do a shop I’ll get some and try them out. But let me tell you, if they’re pithy as well, I’ll find out where you live and pelt your windows with them

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Make sure you start a thread on it.

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