Reality show contestants unaware of show's axing seven months ago




Is this like Umlaut’s vigil on the old boards


Amazing. (I actually did watch some of this)


This reminds me of My Little Eye -

kinda, ish.


It looked/sounded really interesting from the ads and that, watched the first episode and quickly found it was shit, Didn’t watch any more (neither did anyone else, by all accounts).



"Some of the participants were even seen in the dentist at Fort William needing treatment after eating chicken feed grit. It has not done this area any favours – it has just not lived up to expectations.”


Now there’s a film
With a young Bradley Cooper in a bit(ish) part unless I am much mistaken…


Bradley Walsh*


What guess down in it?


:grinning: we suck so much. 21st century humans are babies.




fucking amazing


I love it when people say stuff like this.

People in the past all didn’t know how to butcher animals, and be stonemasons, and joiners and shit. If there wasn’t grain provided by the state, they starved to death.

Chuck a dark age peasant in front of a computer and we’ll soon find out who the most able sections of humanity are.

Its a massive fallacy that we’re spoonfed unlike the past, in the past they just suffered and accepted their fate.


:smiley: it’s like when people say ‘we’re returning to victorian levels of poverty in England’

are we though you fucking imboseals?


nb: this is related to but not damning of incandenza, separate point


Of course we do have an overwhelming number of vacuous shit caskets willing to do literally anything for the 15 minutes of ‘fame’.

Reality TV - panel show - book deal - headlines because you’re broke and fucked a guinea pig - repeat.

Get a job.


For the record I agree with everything you said.


Remember, when all they had were their working flush toilets, two iPhones and a Mac Book Pro. And a fucking car. And incredible methods of and access to travel. And a few magical boxes throughout the house so that we can literally pilfer away an evening watching people pretending to be people like us.

No…wait. They had fuck all.


Indeed you are correct!


@incandenza should also say I’m NOT calling you out, champ

Unless you’re up for some beeves?