Reality TV outcome grievances (Rolling)

This is a thread for your grievances with reality television show outcomes. Vent to your heart’s content.

I’m still properly annoyed about the winner of season 8 of Project Runway two years after I watched it, and (despite knowing the series winner in advance of watching the show) could not understand the choice of winner in America’s Next Top Model season 5 whatsoever!!

and let’s not even discuss the absolute choices made in the final of Drag Race All Stars season 3 - where the clear winner from the remaining girls was eliminated in a total bullshit twist with no precedent, meaning earlier successes actually worked against her. NONSENSE.

everyone seems to hate the winners of seasons 9/10 of ANTM so i’m quite excited to watch those and see if I agree with the Reddit hivemind or not. (the ANTM Reddit actually seems pretty sound)

when science and victor got voted out of big brother

(not at the same time, I don’t think)

(although in hindsight victor was probably a little bit more than…problematic)


The people’s champ

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Victor was 5, Science was 6


Too young to be in the house in the first place imo.


Nobody who won the X Factor or Pop Idol were ever the actual best in the season, with exception to Girls Aloud.

So many Big Brother injustices over the years. So many.

The worst was Helen Wood winning BB15. A truly vile individual with no redeeming qualities, a nasty piece of work all round and her winning was probably the first time I realised that the British public are not for me.

Most BB ones are the fault of the producers tho. They evicted Anoushka on the first night of BB4, she was clearly going to be the most entertaining housemate. Then they needlessly did a double eviction and removed the other firecracker, Federico, and Jon Tickle in one foul swoop. And thus, the dullest series of BB.

Science getting evicted over Orlaith was another one, how DARE the British public. Science was money, Orlaith was fine but pretty dull.

Marcus, the Irrepressible Dark Horse from BB10 being evicted at any stage should never have been allowed to happen.

I’m getting angry


Will Young was the best one

Leona Lewis was the best one

Little Mix and Rak-Su too.

But generally you’re right


I believe the Will Young season had Darius in?!



The challenge where they had to be dogs was gold. Orlaith going spare at Science while he just fucks her off to do his own thing, but still in character as a dog, referring to himself in third person as Sci-dog


:smiley: he was GOLD. The box task too, where they all had to stay in their boxes for as long as possible (ended up being a couple of days), and he sacked it off after 5 minutes and spent the rest of his time poking his finger into the air holes and pouring water int them.


Colourblind is such a banger


Pete winning Big Brother over the avant guard genius that was Glynn was when I lost faith in the British public’s ability to vote the right way.


‘No Scrubs’ will always be tainted for me because of the absolute car crash of a lip sync from Silky Nutmeg Ganache in S11 of RPDR. a fucking travesty that made NO SENSE that she did not get eliminated (even if she got eliminated with Nina West rather than instead of, they were both dogshit). i shouted at my laptop. i could not believe it

I don’t know how he ended up in there, because he seemed like a person who would never ever voluntarily be locked in a house with loads of irritating strangers with his every move being recorded and TV producers winding him up on a whim all the time. But there he was, calling out everything as bullshit and aggravating the shit out of all the other narcissistic contestants who were all really pissed off with how much they couldn’t fathom him.

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deeply regretting being a kid when i watched Big Brother and not really remembering much of it (Kinga and Makosi’s escapades aside. and Alex in S3 dancing in the mirror)


I’m sad that Paul from s club didnt find true love in the current series of first dates hotel.

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Nasty Nick should have won the first one.

Ben was the best BB housemate ever

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