Really a very boring thread about mattresses

Thinking about buying one of those Eve mattresses, you know, because they’re yellow and it’ll hide the wee wee stains. Anybody have a swanky mattress? Are they worth it?

I would also be interested to hear an answer to this

I’m also gonna do a brief pillow subthread as well if you’ll allow it?

Find it really weird that of all the industries to get “disrupted”, mattresses was one of the ones to do it.

Yes, and yes.

Go right ahead my friend.

I have this mattressövåg-pocket-sprung-mattress-medium-firm-dark-grey-art-20258763/

it’s possibly the best mattress i’ve ever slept on. I’ve since encouraged 3 people to get it and they all also love it

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Love me some ho vag.


Thanks, friendo.

Talk to me about pillows for a bit please guys, my neck is currently feeling a bit fucked and I’m pretty sure my pillows are at fault. I’m currently rocking a combo of one feather one and one non-feather one but I think that the two might be too high and making my neck be at a weird angle or something but either of them on their own is too low.

What’s your pillow setup basically and does your neck hurt?

Remember not to go for springs over substance


Mattress related, I have recently invested in a memory foam mattress topper - lovely stuff. I find it more comfortable than an actual memory foam mattress…

I have this set up Ant and tend to rest my head on the bottom corner of the top pillow thus rendering the bottom pillow and most of the top pillow completely redundant. My neck is ok.


Only £180 and it’s actually decent??

£230 for a King. You’ve got to have a King.

I have a John Lewis one. It’s so good. Wanted a Vi Spring one but there’s a lead time which didn’t work out for me.

Can’t remember which IKEA mattress we have, very probably that one, and it is Very Good.

got a solid latex one. it stays nice and cool. well decent / 10

Yeah, getting a bigger bed when we moved last was the best decision we ever made.

I was just as surprised! But yeah, it actually is. I love it so much.

And if you keep the reciept and mattress for like 25 years, they’ll replace it for free.

My room is too small for a King at the moment but bf and I have discussed when moving in together, we would get the King version of the mattress and frame (we both have the same bed frame too - not IKEA tho)

sleep on one very thin pillow, and then two pillows placed vertically either side of my head, a bit like this:

no, my neck does not hurt. yes, this does work with a TV - just have to own it, man, and fuck the h8rs.


I like the fact in the same timeframe you’ve made the decision to have a child, and the upgrade to the King is still the one that comes out top.

That isn’t a sarcastic DiS “I like the fact” - I genuinely think your priorities are correct here.

I have such an old pillow that is basically flat. I’ve definitely seen plumper napkins. I place this underneath a nice big firm one from M&S. I also have another flattish one but it’s not as flat and that goes under the other firm M&S one and I roll between the two all night. When bf comes to stay, he gets the taller pillows and mocks the hell out of the little thin pillow I have. I love that little thin pillow tho. It makes the perfect height of pillow. Without that, we’d be too low and my neck would hurt!

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