Really awful things you've discovered lately

discovered that zulu warrior drinking chant a few months ago via here and i’m still a bit shaken from that, tbh.

Also roasted chestnuts are awful. discovered that last week.

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Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, obviously.


ahhh of course.

read a post about a hummous and cheese bagel here the other day. decided not to jump on it cuz life’s too short and that, but WHAAAAT.

These animals will just put cheese on everything, won’t they. There’s a time and a place ffs.


i’m often reminded about the brutal, maybe even carnal nature of reality mainly via the lunchtime threads on here.

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Same. Mostly leafy’s photos of fish and chips where the #ratios are all over the place.

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is the guy who devotes a quarter of the plate to mustard with his fish and chips still knocking about?

Dunno but that sounds like an extremely @japes thing to do. He’s mad for mustard.

taste of wood.

Think he went vegetarian m9…

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This disgraceful behaviour. Can’t believe he had it in him.