Really Bad Things

I wasn’t a huge fan of Car Share but could sit through half an hour fairly painlessly. However the latest ‘ad-libbed’ episode (with a forward explaining what ad-libbing is) is the fucking pits of humanity. With a tansphobic section bunged in as a bonus.


Yeah I watched the first five minutes (not seen much of the original tbh but I like Peter Kay), expecting him to be really good at riffing and coming up with stuff but it fell so flat. I don’t think she was really into the idea either.


It’s not a book so I changed the word (which I think you’ll find is very clever).

They should have used the term improvised. Pass that onto the producers for me please.

They may have done.

Fucking hell, do your own threads you bunch of twats!

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Haven’t seen any of it Lonz. Was there a point to this episode being improvised?

None whatesoever and they ‘react’ to recorded radio segments and songs.

Ooft that does sound like a Really Bad Thing™ tbf. Wide berth.

Peter Kay in ‘not funny’ shocker


The visual gags were really, really funny.

The dialogue not so much.

Yeah wasn’t great - and totally pointless
Quite like it usually

I’ve refused to watch it from the start. Not asking for awards or anything, just saying I have no interest in the whole thing. Just seems awful.

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Just realised that this thread, and all other threads, are improvised.

I’ll have you know I ad-libbed this thread!

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