Really boastful bus tbh


chill out mate we’ve all achieved things


checks watch


This story sent me down a wikipedia/Great Fire of London internet hole yesterday.

In summary, the fire didn’t reach west of Fleet Street, and this restaurant is in the Strand, so I think that their claim rests on some very generous wording.


In summary: I read this yesterday


Yesterday @xylo


restaurants being generous with claims to fame is borderline a staple of british culture



also if the Lem in Lemsip is for ‘lemon’ then blackcurrent lemsip should be Blacksip


Don’t see many 17th Century buses around London these days, do you? This is why.


It happened last Thursday!


Lik dis if u rememba thees.


The italian place next door to the bus crash restaurant does very decent aperitivo and small plates, very good value at happy hr.


Actually it happened centuries ago


it’s also hurtful to me that jordan_numbers, the ‘family guy’ of DiS comedy, did a checks watch post. :rage:


I read somewhere that there was a brand of bus called the Dennis Dominator. That seems a bit boastful calling a bus the Dominator.


I just proper laughed at this, had to read it four or five times before I realised it wasn’t the bus driver claiming his bus survived the great fire of London.


I mean, if it’s such a precious bus, why would you drive it into a restaurant just to make a point?


it’s brilliant eh. genuinely quite intrigued that whoever runs the SM for the paper didn’t notice this


It’s bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher in other words sucker there is no other


Something something bus that couldn’t slow down