Really boring question about room allocation software

Get ready folks…

I’m looking for some kind of free software that allows me to input information on which rooms are being booked out to whom on what days and times. I cannot find a simple way of documenting this in Excel and I can’t use Outlook. I’m sure there’s some cheap/free software that can handle all this but I cannot find it.



We do this just through google calendars AFAIK. Think you can just set up shared resources which can then be added to meetings (and have their availability checked).


Almost certain you can do this on Outlook using scheduling assistant, but I’m not a geek so…

Can you not just use Google calendar? Use different colours for different rooms, input the times, jobs a good’un.

Have you thought about google calendar?

Have you tried Google Calendar for this? Seems like it might do just what you want.

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Doesn’t goggle calendar have this functionality?

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Think we’re all missing the obvious Google Calendar option here pals.

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use a memory palace



I think Google Calendar is a good shout here.

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Okay, I should’ve said that Google Calendars is probably out. So, back to the drawing board.

The Post Office use Google Calendars: maybe try that?

Yeah just outline a grid on it that should work

Then you might strugle. I don’t think there’s much out there that’s decent and free unless you’ve got a very small number of rooms you’re looking at.

Why can’t you use Outlook?

What calendar tools do you and your colleagues currently use?

Has anyone suggested Google Calendar?
if not, Google Calendar.


Quite a few people have already suggested this - maybe read the thread before posting next time?


No thanks!