Really buzzing on here today, innit


Great work guys


Fuck off, mate.


It’s like we’re all friends again


is it?


Buzzing like… A MOTH!



you too mate!


1 hour 47 minutes


tory polls thread basically got me through this morning


2 hours 25 minutes here, not sure i can survive tbh



after work I should go and watch

  • manchester sea
  • lala land
  • monster calls

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Never heard of them. Sound like regions on the shipping forecast.


just pick one ffs


Looks like I picked the worst one. Sorry.


Nothing gets the boards going like calling people tories (also a Marckee - Xylo Tete a tete to really spice things up)


Monster Trucks


Anyone know if getting a beard trimmer and using it instead of shaving would help with acne and skin irritation

Don’t want to put that in its own thread TBH


You’re welcome. <3


Depends what you’re currently shaving with. Disposable razors and most shaving foams are hell on my skin, but safety razor plus the Nivea sensitive gel (plus shaving properly after a shower etc) and I have no problems at all.


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safety razor


Got a Gillette disposable blade one that seems to be fucking me up. Will get some of that shaving gel and see if it makes a difference