Really early Tuesday thread

Can’t sleep :sleeping:

Still got gut rot :face_with_thermometer:

Unsure whether to go to work :thinking:


Tell me things.

Oh gut rot? What happened? Melons?


I am in work. There is a very bright sun reflecting off this desk and it’s doing my head in.

I am trying to make it through Mansun’s album Six again. I’m currently on Track 3. It’s doing my head in a bit and reminds me of Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies.

On the train to London and forgot my fucking headphones. Arrrrggghhhhhhh

I ended up with two spare (highly inferior) pairs in my work bag because of this sort of shit :frowning:


Good morning Niki et al

I hope you feel better again soon x

Taking R to the dentist later to get his chipped tooth looked at, which is obviously going to be really fun. Pretty certain he will either not open his mouth at all, or else bite the dentist. Also the appointment is at lunchtime, so having to rearrange our routine is doing my head in.

Day off to try and get mbv and nin meltdown tickets

5 hours sleep. Full day of needing to be on the ball. :confused:

iPhone wanker aren’t I so can’t even buy cheap ones because there’s no jack

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Can’t remember if my departmental meeting thing is today or tomorrow. Or both. Cba, I’ve got shit to do.

Nothing to report.

Woke up to the dog crying at 5.30. Really needed more sleep but then had nice cuddles in bed with her for a bit. Just had a coffee and feeling more like a real human bean. Now time for some fruit and fibre.

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Morning all!

I think my class is going to be empty this morning because important train services are cancelled. Pointless* interview after lunch which will prevent me marking the Higher English Prelim.

*not Alexander Armstrong Pointless

Morning Tuesday champs

Got to take the brother in law to work (he stayed with us last night as he’s working down t’road) then take the car to the garage for new rear tyres and oil filter swap. Hate spending money on car maintenance. Then house chores. What a fun day off

Get well soon @plasticniki :+1:

Up and been for a run, now having some avocado and tobacco eggs. Yaaassss

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Bf got up at 3am last night cause he’s not well. He seems to be getting ready to go to work which is insane.

I have blind and shutters people coming round today to quote up. Then i’ll go gym again tonight. One class or two? Hmmm…

Tobacco eggs sounds really grim


haha they sure do, ooops.


Inexplicably moreish though.


Get me an mbv one :wink:

Think you’re being mugged off, I’m on a train to Edinburgh right now.

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