Really expensive stuff

Guy I work with has just bought one of these, mainly (exclusively?) for making soup.

No sure I’d part with that sort of money to buy a TV.

(Unless it had FastText and Picture in Picture features.)

I’m contemplating buying a Dunlopillo. £70 my god what an idiot.

That seems completely insane to me, but then I might spend £300 on a guitar pedal which I only bisects make one noise so what do I know


Yeah, he’s not a big earner either.

Absolutely crazy. Could get a stick blender for soup for a tenner.

No, that is sensible (think I paid £55 for mine).

Worth it?

i just cracked the cup for my nutribullet™

they’re wanting like £15 for a new one

I bought an omelette maker for £11 last week. I’ve taken it out of the box but haven’t tried it yet. There’s my 2p’s worth.



Might go to J Lew after work

I got a replacement cup offa ebay. Fuck getting an official one.

yeah big time. reckon you can get one cheaper than that though.

also pretty much all pure latex pillows are the same so feel free to get an unbranded one IMHO

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did it fit

it’s worth it though


you can buy a hairdryer for £300

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£6 for a slice of toast


Yup (no longer available though)

Take your pick:

Once celebrated a big paycheck by buying a customised 400gb iPod with a transparent casing like those wicked old school Game Boys had, think it was like £300

iPods don’t take well to being customised apparently, that 400gb card made it run like a dog with arthritis. Had to put it down recently and now I’m saving up for a sony walkman mp3 player and a big micro SD

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Ok pillow experts

  • Generic latex pillow
  • No you have to buy Dunlopillo otherwise Theo will cry

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