Really expensive stuff

i’m quite interested in finding the most expensive of a certain thing. once filmed an interview at some insanely rich person’s house and they had a really uncomfortable circular Mercedes sofa that cost about £120k

burn it all to the ground, vote labour


Seen these for sale at the big Tesco near me. Twenty-five pounds for a toilet brush!

you think i’m a 24oz wanker??

i need 32, baby

That’s unbelievable! This is all you need to make soup.

I’m guessing this guy is minted and single?

He is single but not minted. Oddly he is always penny pinching, vouchers and preloaded cards etc to save a quid here or there which I just can’t be fucked with.

I bought a nutribullet when they were fashionable. It sits in my cupboard.

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I’ve also been putting off getting that pillow for months. Mainly as I’m a tightwad. I might finally give in.

Gotta do something to afford high-end technology, I guess.

my mum has this. It’s great.


i’m jealous

Never understand these threads. You get what you pay for?

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Should be on to Lego at your age

I don’t think that is universal.


That’s exactly what a tight person would say!

I’ve got a dunlopillo!

You’ve proved my point! You said it’s totally worth it!

In this case but it’s not true of everything. You can probably buy a Louis Vuitton pillow for 1.5k but that sure at fuck wouldn’t be worth it.

There is not a central pricing bureau which allocates everything based on its correct value.


I don’t think I’ve ever totally understood that phrase, like it’s true in that you pay for something, and you get something (mostly), and there’s lots of different economic factors dictating a price and all that, but I don’t think that’s what the phrase means is it? But then it doesn’t stand up at all if it’s about quality or stuff like that.


Vote Labour.