Really Fancy

an ice cream sandwich.


A nap.

pizza and beer


Maxibon for me please.

Or a Winner Taco, from the past.

wafers must be very fresh and crisp

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Another iced doughnut

this is ridiculous. massive craving.

must be pregnant.


Cheese board

yeah i’d go one

The Ben and Jerry wich is a shadow of its former self.

Anyone had one of those macaroon ice cream sandwiches?

pain killers

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hang on, you met me for lunch and then you went an got an iced doughnut? this is outrageous

Well I’m sorry but by the time I got back to my office I was starving for some sugar and I popped into Little Waitrose.

What with your colleague fasting and it being ‘cake day’ in your office I assumed you’d be fine :smiley:



Might get another bit of cake.

Going home. But I’m at work until 8:30.



Stacey Solomon?


Ant that’s a ghost.

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