Really Funny Scenes From Things


Use this thread to post really funny scenes from things:


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Thanks Theo


But while I’m here



It’s good but I feel it’s a bit played out now, one where it’s reputation diminishes it’s funniness.


Fuck you!


Sorry Lonzinho, but your thread title should have been more descriptive of it’s content IMHO.



That reminds me:



Fuck that sloth scene


When Malcolm walks into DoSaC and Ollie says ‘haircut’ cos he’s had a haircut

Funniest bit in the show IMO


How come?


Fuck you, Andy Pandy.


Goes on for AGES


wolfcastle.jpg? or am I being wolfcastle.jpg’d?


I tried watching Nathan For You and I just couldn’t cope. the cringe is too intense.


Nah but obviously you get the joke as soon as you see the sloths. The next 3 minutes is just superfluous, although I’ve noticed Americans are much more comfortable stretching a joke really far.

It’s not terrible, do not get me wrong antpocalypse now. Just a bit grating.


I understand that response, I fucking love it though, he is one of the most amazingly deadpan people on the planet. That clip up there is the only time he even slightly breaks character.