Really interesting question about fixing a laptop

So, following on from my thread about how to remove scratches from a disk, the next installment of the ‘Grandpa on the internet’ series concerns a laptop.

Now, a few days ago I spent quite a few fun filled hours taking apart a laptop I hadn’t used in about 3 years to resolder a new power jack that had lost connection. After the worst soldering job ever seen I put it back together and it worked. HEROIC.

The issue is, after working ok for a few days, now when I turn it on, it will kick into life (power light lights up) for about 2 seconds and then immediately die. This isn’t due to a lack of power as the battery is full when I try not running off mains.

Looking around the net I have found people suggesting ctrl alt delete and power off for 60 seconds. This worked a few times. Now it doesn’t.

Tried ‘reseating the ram’. That doesn’t do anything. What’s that about?

I am using a universal charger set to the correct voltage, not the original

This is EXACTLY like ‘Ghost’ or ‘Field of Dreams’ when they come back from the dead only to die again a few days later ie. DEVASTATING POINTLESS WASTE OF TIME

Please leave some comical “put it in rice” answers below before someone properly answers the question.


Pour a glass of water over it

Have you tried reseating the ram?

Have you tried a static discharge yet?

HAVE I!? Yes. I’ve never been more sure that an activity would achieve absolutely nothing than when I was reseating the RAM

Bowl of rice

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that would make sense…is this the future forever? Why is there static? who plays the dad in field of dreams?

I’d try booting into the UEFI menu first up and check that everything there looks normal.

If not, then I’d wager that your “worst soldering job ever seen” has gone bad and you’ve shorted something inside. Could be easily sorted, could be terminal for an expensive part depending.

It’s shorting out and the motherboards surge protection is kicking in
You botched the repair, basically

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Don’t sugarcoat it, give it to him straight.

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Oh okay


Is yer fan working?

how DARE you! Not sure what I would have fucked tbh. Wouldn’t the jack just continue to not work and charge. Some USB port next to it…dunno…idontknowwhatimdoing

fan is working fam

Have you tried a different powersupply?


also, there was nothing to lose here! I’m not taking a 5-6 year old laptop for repair. Would cost £100 to fix. It was gain gain. I’ll never forget those 3 days we had back together. They were special

I wonder simply wear a hat?

But yeah the symptoms sound to me, from experience at least, as something triggering the motherboards surge protection. You could always try turning it off in the bios if u get that far

You could give the laptop a Viking funeral. In your neighbour’s summer house.

can’t get that far…anymore…I could, and then…I can’t