Really late non-binary thread

Thinking about how the b basin positive of being at home so much has been my having to figure out how to present myself when I go out. Getting major dysphoria whenever I have to dress to leave the house and quite worried about having to buy new winter clothes because of the weight I’ve put on and I don’t think what I want to wear is anything I’ll be able to find or will actually look good on me. I feel like I shouldn’t worry about this but I do.

Kind of a big problem as well that DiS is the only place I can be out, just to difficult/futile for family and other situations.

Me positive nb content welcome here so hopefully it isn’t just my moaning :frowning:


Eldest came out as nb over lock down and it’s been a really positive experience for them. So nice to see them feeling more comfortable in their own skin and able to tell their friends about pronouns etc and for it to be no big deal. Not to say there won’t be challenges ahead when they go back to school because there will always be dickheads in every school but the school itself have been great and have registered their new choice of name so all the teachers know ahead of day one.

Obviously still lots of battles to be fought personally for them and in society at large but when I think about my own teenage years and the blanket ignorance and intolerance that was the norm, and how far we’ve come since, it does give me hope.


That is really great, they seem like such a good kid from what you’ve said about them before and I’m so pleased for them they had the confidence to do that and it has been positive so far!