Really like this guy


Why am I watching this?


very enjoyable sign off tbf to him

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Nah, yer alright

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No Way Monkey GIF


I like this guy as well…stuff like this gets me almost homesick…

The way English people give feedback on stuff is incredibly bizarre once it’s pointed out to you, drives my wife mad that nobody will just say what’s on their mind (e.g. this is shit)

Tomato - Absolutely fine
Potato - A little bit hard, but edible
Scrambled Egg - Absolutely fine
Beans - Very nice, they are what they are
Breakfast Ham - OK, decent enough texture but flavourless
Sausage - Smells OK, decent enough texture, unseasoned, not going to eat them actually, don’t like them

All in all, it’s a pretty decent effort. Would I buy it again? No, 6/10.