Really loud motorbikes


Ban 'em


more room for cyclists, I like your thinking


Same applies to people with really loud spokies (sp?) and might as well lump loud cars in too.


Change we can believe in.


Damn fucking straight. Bane of my life mate. Immature, small-cocked bellends the lot of em.


but wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight.


Do you mean these?


These cunts live round the corner from me, ‘The Black Skulls’


Some kid round here has just got one and he takes it to a garage every night at about 10.30pm. So much revving, so fucking annoying. I can hear him at the moment but I can handle it at 4


Yeah, that type.





I hear The Black Skulls at 7:30am every weekday morning as he revs it off to his 9-5 job in Leatherhead.

#ROCK AND ROLL :vulcan::vulcan::vulcan::vulcan:*

*Vulcan sign is the closest I can get to devil horns.


Decent Lidl in Leatherhead


Leatherhead sounds like slang for someone who really likes motorbike apparel


Really loud motorbikes are much less annoying than the bee-in-a-tin-can things that local kids race up and down the alley ways and across the parks near me.


I think the offender here is more towards a motocross type effort which takes elements of both to create something truly awful.



top or trousers


Yeah, that’s what I mean - like something from Junior Kickstart.

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