Really low

Really, really low today, forum.

Not a cry for help, I just need to vent. Not even sure what’s wrong. Really down, anxious, nothing’s going right at work, full of imposter syndrome. Feel like I’m on the verge of a minor breakdown.

Any advice?


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Are you me from a week ago? I have no great advice but, with time, things are starting to lift for me. Go easy on yourself and I hope things start to clear for you as well.



sorry to hear this man, is there anything you could do in the short to to immediate-term to try and be kind to yourself - like getting yourself something nice for lunch or planning something nice to do after work? x


No specific advice except it will pass!

That inability to pinpoint what is causing the anxiety exactly always sucks. I had one of those days just the other week, and it was horrible. Stuff to help work differently for people, try doing something you like (go for a walk, get that really good sandwich, pick up a nice chocolate bar later), try writing down how you feel and throw it away if you need to after.

Hopefully even just venting here helps, it is happening and you will get through it, we are all here for you :slight_smile:

I think this is my most achievable ‘solution’, but I know that a lot of my anxiety is down to money. It was pay day on Monday, and I had to spend £250 fixing my car. Gonna be a long month.

Definitely not just that though, as I always have money problems and never feel this bad.

And thank you everyone, you’re all very kind.

The world appears to be particularly stressful at the moment. I think there’s a lot of “really low” about.

Good luck Steve.


have you considered exercise? A brisk walk in the park after work, pat some dogs, feed some squirrels, disconnect yourself from the usual worries of every day life and get some endorphins going.

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if you’ve got ongoing money stuff that’s getting you down I’d definitely recommend you try speaking to someone like Step Change for advice, sometimes just talking it over with someone (even if you don’t feel ready yet to go any further than that) can help alleviate a bit of the stress

take care of yourself pal x

I usually go to the gym at lunch, which does help. Somewhat relying on it today.

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I’ve also been recommended this book which I bought online a week ago, not touched it yet as my mood and perspective have been a lot better recently. I also feel a bit self-conscious reading it on the train because the title is so terrible

I know we have argued on here in the past but you seem like a really nice guy and I’m sorry you are feeling this way, hope your mood turns around soon :slight_smile:

Thanks. Might see if there’s an audiobook for the reason you mentioned :slight_smile:

I did read this a while ago which totally changed my mindset at the time and got me out of a real rut. Might read it again.

Get outside if you can. Fresh air can make a difference.


Heya man, sorry to hear that you’re low. Is there anyone you can talk to? (my PMs are always open if you’d like!) Otherwise just go easy on yourself, treat yourself like you would a friend who is feeling the same thing, and as others have said maybe get moving/get some fresh air which often brings some perspective. Hope things improve man!

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Sorry to hear that.

For me, I find focussing on things which to some extent are within my control helps.

Just ensuring you are eating well, resting when tired, exercising if you can and doing simpler life admin tasks e.g. cleaning, organising your personal affairs.
Kind of low hanging fruit, if that makes sense.

Easier said than done when you’re low though.

Sorry pal :disappointed: it’s awful feeling this way.
Is there anyone you can talk to irl, a friend or sibling? I usually feel a bit better after I’ve had a rant down the phone to a good friend or over a pint or cup of coffee.
I hope you feel better soon. Be kind to yourself x

just had to have new clutch/major gearbox repairs as a result of a tiny broken seal :grimacing:

Solidarity with you lovely. So much going on at the moment and it’s all awful.

This week, the fucking bank have started sending me phone notifications, which is sending my anxiety through the roof.

I know I’m over my limit, that’s why I’m not looking at my account!

Presumably I can turn this off?

Oh, I walked to the gym at lunch and had a nice shower after. All very therapeutic. It’s nice and autumnal out.

More car solidarity. Just had to replace an entire Fiat 500 rear axle on an eight year old car because Fiat don’t make them properly. Can’t afford to fix the other annoying niggling faults.

I think it’s the time of year in particular - the days are drawing in and it’s hardly like the world is a calm place. Keep well, and I’d echo fresh air and exercise. Also, don’t dwell - if thinking about your problems can’t resolve them, try to think about something else. Failing that, I watch Honest Trailers! I hope you feel better soon…