Really nice out




it was dead chilly, then during my (late) lunch it suddenly got quite warm


I’m in the garden in my pants listening out for email alerts on my laptop. An evocative image.


American or British?




Just realised what you meant. British. I don’t find wearing trousers in the garden noteworthy.


Just dropped a bit chilly here by the looks of it


this has bamboozled me


dunno if i can be arsed to change into my cycling stuff to cycle home


Don’t worry, it’s pants weather


really nice down here. 18 and pretty much zero wind. cold in the mornings now, mind.


which funnily enough means it’s good (not bad) weather!


Things have taken a dark turn as my neighbour started mowing her lawn, about thirty seconds in she shouted ‘bloody hell, no’ started calling her husband’s name (David) and ran in. Has not returned since. This all happened behind a hedge.

Hopefully she is ok but I am grateful the mowing stopped.


how high is the hedge?


Please keep us posted.

I hope Dave’s okay.


More sort of a load of trees and bushes and things. Lowest point 2m, highest 4m?



3 characters long post


any conifer in there? I’m guessing there might be. there always is!


src="/uploads/drownedinsound/original/2X/a/a2aadf8f4afb2bff4718f3752b723f9c3a3990b9.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>