Really not nerdy and actually very awesome Star Trek thread

Right. I’m not going to fall into any traps here so I’m not gonna invest in this unless people lemme know that they’d want this thread to exist. But I’ll leave this poll up as a starter for 10 and we’ll see who gets involved.

  • TOS
  • TAS
  • TNG
  • DS9
  • VOY
  • ENT (lol)

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  • FOM

use the force luke

star trek is great. Easily the greatest sci fi of all time innit


plus it’s the only one that gives me hope in humans as a species

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@hanshotfirst to thread

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I’m kidding, obvs.

Watched a bit of TNG casually when it was in the 6pm BBC2 slot, but am otherwise clueless about Star Trek. Hope your thread takes off for you.


didn’t really like DS9 as I thought sisqo was hamming it up too much

You can.

It’s actually been on my Netflix watchlist since it came out.

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Dr Spock’s great


I liked watching the original series as a kid (was shown regularly around tea time on BBC2) and have seen a fair few of the films, but have never really got into any of the other series

I think it’s the outfits that put me off

Sorry Xylo - I’m sure your thread will be a huge success even without my patronage

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he’s fine normally but then when things get serious he pulls out his thespian voice and it’s just too much for me.

Also Rom fucking sucked

Cheers for the shout big man!

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the leopard girl with the worm in her was good though!

Babylon 5 > every Star Trek


Suddenly I’m intrigued

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the actress was really pretty if I recall correctly

I really need to watch Discovery don’t I?

Enjoy watching 700 episodes of bald men negotiating their way out of having to blow up other spaceships