Really not nerdy and actually very awesome Star Trek thread

I’n happy to say that most of your complaints will be delt with soon. :slight_smile:
As far as it being a throw back, that’s fair enough but they are looing at that era in a modern way, and the crew dynamic is fantastic. I even love the way they’ve kept the very short skirts but with a twist.

I do want a post DS9 Trek though, this show should eb going forward not back. But SNW is the Trek I’ve been missing. Even the GrimDark they flirt with never over powers the rest of the show.

I’ll be very interested in what you think of ep 10.

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Well that’s promising! And, for all that I’ve written above being very critical, i didn’t dislike it as such, i was just frustrated that it didn’t do what i wanted but we’ll see where it goes and I’ll update the thread when I’ve watched a bit more.

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Just caught up on Lower Decks, really great stuff.


Still rewatching DS9

We just put it on every time we have dinner or with breakfast at the weekend

Good comfort Tele

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