Really not nerdy and actually very awesome Star Trek thread

Looks like it’s on Prime, according to JustWatch

Just watched season 1 episode 27 of OG Start Trek, the one where the Klingons are first introduced.

The Arganians, beings of pure light, prevent the Klingons and the Federation from fighting and then, in a throwaway line right at the end, make reference to a time in the future when they will be united as allies. Bearing in mind the fact that this was filmed in 1966, I would love to think that this is a deeply embedded piece of lore that you can follow all the way through to the Dominion War in DS9 filmed about 30 years later.


Turns out this actually has now happened, sort of - seasons 1&2 are still included with Prime, but 3 is now purchase only.

Meanwhile over on Paramount+


DS9 S1E18 ‘Duet’

A Deadly Adoption Applause GIF

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Are people watching Very Short Treks? It’s Adult Swim versions of Star Trek. Well, so far.

Strange New Worlds is the best


it’s so good. only just getting into it and absolutely in love with the vibe four episodes in!


I’m now about halfway through season 2 and there’s barely been a duff episode. Very much enjoying how often it leans into being very silly.

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yes, really like that there’s that campy nature to it that just always gives the best Trek moments. So far prefer it both to Picard (which I love) and Discovery (which i liked, then disliked, but since season 3 have enjoyed)

i see Section 21 is gonna be a film now

The episode with the Lower Decks crossover is just superb, I was almost crying with laughter at points. Tawny Newsome in particular absolutely kills it. All the gags land and affectionate mockery is spot on. Brilliant stuff.


“he said “you’re too late. we are everywhere.””


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Lower decks keeps being great.

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This one is a lot more Trek.

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I’ve just finished season 3, it’s so much fun. I really like how it’s settled into doing good Trek stories while also making fun of the tropes of good Trek stories.

Going to take a break now though, I want to cancel Paramount+ and it won’t all be out before it renews. I’ll get it back next year when Discovery comes back.

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Picard “I’ll definitely destroy all the Borg next time I get the chance.”
Huw establishes a colony of borg without purpose
Picard “propably fine lets leave them to it”


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DS9 S4 E2

I mean, it’s like ‘The Inner Light’, isn’t it

but more so :sob: Tony Todd, man

brb just going to try to recover from the second-hand grief

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actually works as a CPTSD/compound trauma allegory, really