really quiet today. let's talk about the shop you would open if you could

oh mannnnnnn. nostalgia hit

there’s a music shop near me that specialises in ukuleles who are really nice and friendly. I guess it’s quite hard to be putting out angry testosterone vibes when you are selling ukuleles. Obviously they are doing the devils work in selling them, but are very friendly as they go about it.

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yeah i think they must know that being cocky makes no sense when you sell terrible, awful instruments. bless them

how many do you own?

Oh, you’ve been there before then?

They’ve added this room downstairs in the past few years

The HMV in Northumberland St used to have a downstairs bit for jazz and classical, including soundproofed listening suites. That was a nice way to spend a lunchbreak.

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:grinning: 1, for the kids, that has now been moved out of reach because children and ukuleles, unsurprisingly, are even worse than adults and ukuleles

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yes but not for a v long time, haven’t seen the lower room.

had family that way in the past but no longer. have no reason now to head in that direction :frowning:

Just in my experience, but there was definitely some guitar shop nobhead vibes when I used to go there semi regularly, was another store down the hill that was maybe worse.

@marckee i’m hoping you haven’t encountered repair shop until now. because if you haven’t you’ll be obsessed.

they repaired a very, very lovely cabinet, and a grandfather clock the other week. A hates it and i then tell her about every episode even if she doesn’t see it. I’m the worst but it’s the best show

GuitarGuitar down by the station? There was another one in the Newgate centre too at one point, I think.

I didn’t go into either of those.

I haven’t seen it yet, but there was a brief discussion of it in this thread:

(and these ones too)

Oh I wish I had found this place when I was in Newcastle.

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you’re missing out, it’s 100% your jam if you like the idea of furniture restoration

one on Dean Street. I’m maybe being unfair, and it wasn’t so much the staff as just the general vibe in guitar/music shops. Guess I thought having been in a few awful ones in London that things would be different in friendly Newcastle and it was still a bit “oh…”

Maybe a clothes shop for people who don’t like clothes shopping.

Only one person can come in at a time, no staff are in there to silently judge you and all we sell are black jeans and t-shirts, maybe the odd beanie.

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Upstairs: music, comics

Downstairs: music venue, a+ bar, cinema on off-nights but it only plays Michael Bay Transformers films

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Shop that specialises in just guitar effect pedals. Focus would be on weird boutique stuff, second hand ones and local builders doing limited runs/one offs but we’d sell boss and other big companies too. Would have someone in doing repairs and mods on pedals as well, like a proper wizz at that sort of thing.

Would have be a tiny shop if it’s in London but I think it would be cool and hopefully do quite well, maybe even attract big bands touring from elsewhere to come in and buy a load of stuff.

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Nearly bought a record shop, true story. Became apparent I wouldn’t have made any cash, but the idea of living that High Fidelity lifestyle, but you know, happy, would have been an amazing feeling. Plus, going through major job/work changes at that time so I was kind of reaching out for anything.

Probably just manage a GW and sit around painting models. THE DREAM.


I would like to be a dealer for Boss and Roland products because I think they’re all great.

Oh yeah, that one.

It used to be called Sounds Live, but then got bought out by PMT.

Branded polo shirts!

Slightly copying @anon5266188 here but I do like shops where it’s really obvious they haven’t sold anything for years - faded display items in the windows, don’t bother putting the lights on, stuff they have is completely random, never any customers at all.

Italy is full of shops like this - shutters closed for hours a day and no signs telling you what the shop is or the opening hours, staffed by an ancient old lady who sits on a chair in the corner, prices are what they decide they feel like charging you.