Really really boring things you've been doing to improve your life

I was starting to get stressed out by how many emails I was getting, so I’ve been steadily unsubscribing to everything I get that I don’t actually want, instead of just deleting it.

So far it’s improved my life by about 2%


Deleted Facebook and Snapchat on Friday and I already feel much better about life


Good job we’re not making mum jokes on here anymore isn’t it


Doing washing up right after dinner, rather than leaving it and either having to do it when all I want to do is go to bed or the next day when there’s even more.


Had an unwanted email cull back in the heady days of the GDPR panic. Get barely anything now, it’s great.

taking the bins out at a reasonable time instead of leaving it til 2am when i want to go to bed

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Carrying my, invariably still full, glass of water from the night befoee down from my bedroom to the kitchen in the morning when I leave for work.

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Good penis beaker praxis

Going to bed a little earlier

Throwing everything away

latex pillow

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Daily vitamin C tablets

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Sinking an oil well in my garden.

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Meal planning before we go food shopping rather than during food shopping.

After’s best, because then you know what you’re working with.

Me during every food shop: PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA

Probably a good move then


Still got a cold today though didn’t I ffs

But what about the creme de menthe?

My ongoing rant about making cocktails at home is that you’ve always got all of the ingredients except one really specialist and difficult ingredient like creme de menthe.

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Yeah. Sometimes I stare at the bitters in the supermarket and think “should I buy some bitters”. But I don’t, so I only make margaritas. I have worse problems in my life.

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My solution to not meal planning before shopping is to always buy some cheese. That way if I don’t have anything useful to make a meal out of I can have some cheese instead.