Really rich people complaining about not being able to spend time with their kids


(Inspired by that awful new James song and a Bill Hader interview)

Pack it in then. You don’t have to.


I’m pretty live and let live about bands - but James are objectively terrible aren’t they?


That song is so bad. I have sat down on a dancefloor when commanded to by Tim Booth so what do I know?


Would be funny if there was a singer called Mike booth wouldn’t it


i hate the song theyve been playing on 6 music - but hadn;t actually paid any attention to the lyrics.

I like Bill Hader though


you might want to sit down, there are 2 of them!

EDIT - 3!


That’s Tim, actually


Really rich people complaining about anything tbh


ohhh Hippy…money can’t buy you love


Welcome to the DiS boards.


It can buy you every advantage necessary in the pursuit of your ambitions, including love.


you don’t have to spend time with your kids? I’ve been doing it all wrong


Sure we agreed recently that anyone who earns more than £35k and any couples who earn more than £60k are scum.


sounds about right



What’s all this then? Surely people don’t ACTUALLY want to spend time with their kids?


Lennon & McCartney were unhappy with the first draft


I’ve seen Jurassic Park.

POTW – Nominations



Choosing to read this post in isolation.