Really Shit Things


Football whispers:



Instant powdered cappuccino





That hacksaw I bought from Poundland


What that i haven’t posted for 3 minutes? I know it’s tough but sometimes you just have to wait.


Let’s talk about vegan ice cream. Anyone ever had any that was at all palatable?


I’ve been on the tubs of low fat recently. B&J’s was the best but still a bit rubs.

I am aware that this is not what you asked.


How come you replied to this, but nothing about my hacksaw?


Have you seen Hacksaw Ridge? I haven’t and have no plans to.


No plans to either, thanks for asking.


delivery company tracking info

i want a gps dot i can follow round a map not just a “yeah, it’s out somewhere idk”


ranker in general, but particularly this list

A boy and his dog 21st and 25th you say?


Amazon have upped their game. You can track 'em down from 20 deliveries out.


garlic presses


Yup, don’t own one. Freed from the shackles of the garlic press.


Flatten with a knife then chop chop chop. No need for a garlic press, cunts


Just flatten with a knife then chop, innit.



If you use something like a knife first to flatten it, then all you need to do after is chop it up