really short videos on social media of over masculine cooking

I think they come from tiktok but I see them on those short videos that facebook really wants me to watch. I really hate them but can’t stop watching them.

personally, i agree with cooking men, they’re mostly aresholes


Bang your fucking onions in this dickhead of a pan and fry the fuck out of em


this is the guy
the sound effects
the m e a t
the chefs kiss sign off at the end of every video

Stuff like this just baffles me

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There’s one lady who does really short cooking videos that make their way into my Facebook algorithm who I’ve accidentally fallen in love with unfortunately

there are lots of steps in this video where he says “then the only thing left to do was…” which is humorous to me

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Bit weird falling in love with a Facebook algorithm!


Ha, you’re telling me!

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Black Mirror season 5:

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ah that’s annoying, sorry eems

Italian chef “pranked” by someone snapping spaghetti before cooking it or whatever

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How I could just grill a man

Eating raw testicles to prove my manliness, trying not to gag.

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Fele so bad for the animal that died to become steak dust


This is the other account

the unnecessarily large knives
blade cam
slicing herbs without using a chopping board
the m e a t
squeezing the avocado out with your bare hands
the completely unnecessary cheese sauce

Epic Meal Time did it better like 10 years ago

Which lady? Strong chance I’ve done the same.

I need this to stop help me

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