Really slow music

I recently discovered 40 Watt Sun (thanks to James Acaster’s book about the best 2016 music) and they’ve reminded me how much I love really slow drawn out music, so here’s a thread to post some of that.

I’ll start us off:
40 Watt Sun essentially make doom metal music without any of the metal bits. They’re a bit like more recent Earth but with vocals.

Oh and here’s my favourite Earth track while we’re on the subject.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore;

Slow jazz


Ooh I can also use this thread to post my favourite song of all time.

It’s slow jazz and post rock and a bit mathy all at once

FTFY :wink:

This album is just astonishing.

I disagree. The best bit of doom metal is that’s it’s REALLY slow, and oh boy is that album slow.

Slow fuzzy drone:

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An easy one to recommend. The first 12 mins make the payoff for the last 5 all the better. So good live as well, the Boiler Room recording is worth checking out

You can’t spell slow without Low: