Really stupid question

People who sell stuff in markets in market towns… what do they do when its not market day?

Go to a market in a nearby town


count all the money they’ve made from selling squeegees

5 gas lighters for a pound

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Isn’t market day always a Wednesday though?

Anyone aware of any markets not on Wednesday?

Snide rosettes outside the ground.

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Every day in ely now.

And no, it varies from town to town.

Dont think you see many on mondays though

Name me a town please (daily is n/a)

Thursday in my local town! :exploding_head:

Ok well that’s me told then :grinning:

Tuesday and Thursday round these parts.



you’ve never been to Christchurch market then mate!!

Market day is a monday in the town where I grew up.

yeah but because of the different time zones it will be wednesday again by the time they reach the next market

This is what i thought but seems unlikely

My mate’s dad has an occasional stall and I think he spends the rest of the time eating mangoes.