Really terrible christmas films

Going to watch this soon.

What are those poses in the poster all about?

I’m assuming cause its a musical its a ‘caught in a dance’ pose?

Turns out it is, it has four members from the original film

Watched the first episode last night and I really enjoyed it despite it not being very good. It’s quite nice to see a ‘new’ Christmas film centred around kids and the magic of Christmas rather than some app developer finding love with a hunk. Thing is though, it isn’t too funny or charming but I ended it feeling it was both (aside from one proper bizarre scene which is very “you can’t say anything these days” which is jarringly out of place), so perfect for the thread. Has some nice callbacks to the original film and it has the most unintentionally cursed credits to a show I’ve ever seen - I’ll get a picture for the next episode because they’re astonishingly bad.

Think I hate Christmas now

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I wondered if it was mid running away from minor threat pose?

Guess I will need to watch to find out :smiley:

Oh nahh, its not really a threat filled film. Give it a go but stick with it past the slightly annoying opening half hour

Came downstairs this morning to find my kids watching Christmas on Mistletoe Farm on Netflix. I guess it’s a British attempt at Hallmark film, but it’s so low budget that if didn’t have kids and animals in it I would expect it to turn into porn at any minute. Don’t recognise any of the main cast from anything, except one of them used to be the least famous one in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps


The trailer for it popped up when id finished another Christmas film, it also appeared to be one of those Christmas films that were clearly filmed in a hot summer

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Some of them were in Nativity.

Watcued he start of this with Nephew other day, fine kid fodder


Watched it on Friday night and really enjoyed it by the end. You’re right: the beginning is a little irritating, but it really comes into its own around the time of the “Good Afternoon” song and dance number!