Really wish I was going out with a hot rock n roll chick.



Can’t wait to get called into a meeting room at work and asked why I was googling “chicken in a leather jacket”


Fuck I’d look great walking around town hand in hand with a hot rock chick.

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‘tis the season, Jordo,’ tis the season.

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Do you know any hot rock gals you can set me up with?

It’s probably all quite igneous now, but last night we were drowning in magma.

In all honesty Jordan are doing okay? You’ve been going for the threads again after a long pause x

Bit of a weird post. Just had a busy week at work so wasn’t posting as much. Numerous redundant threads are my base level.


Maybe the clocks changing means I see them more

Are we ok with this thread? Don’t want to be a prat but is it in line with the general push to make dis more accepting for people of all genders /less of a lads’ club? Seems like it could possibly be problematic but happy to be wrong if I’ve missed something.


Yeah I felt the replies took the air out of it and made it seem fully surreal but you might be right @Scagden - after all casual readers might take it at face value not knowing Jordan’s shitposting thing?

had this gone badly, i’m sure jordan would’ve been fine with the thread being killed

but it went goodly so all is well

(says me, a straight man…)

Don’t pretend you’ve not got your eye on those chicks @Icarus-Smicarus posted.

i did very much enjoy that post

I totally get the shtick thing but I think if you were browsing the forum for the first time and didn’t have any context it might send the wrong signals about what we want this place to be like.


Really? The fact that I’ve said “rock and roll chick” about ten times surely makes it seem not serious? No one says “rock and roll chick”

Historically these boards have had an issue with being unwelcoming to women in various ways and I just think it’s better safe than sorry and to err on the side of caution personally. I’m sure the intention was very tongue in cheek but I can see why someone could find the thread title off putting.